+ why I am a good fit for this project

My name is Yoni Shalom and I am a professional animator working in the Toronto animation industry, and more recently, a member of Effective Altruism Toronto. After learning more and more about EA, I found myself looking for ways that I could use my unique skillset to benefit worthwhile cause areas. This proposal is one attempt at achieving that aim.

In this proposal I have included two iterations of a project I see value in creating. However I would also like to use this opportunity to simply introduce myself and my work, so that in the event that you become aware of other projects that my skills could assist you with, you could consider contacting me. In short, I am simply happy contributing in whatever way I can.

So, why am I a good fit to implement this project?

- First off, through my years of experience I have developed an understanding of the various steps that would be needed to take a project like this to completion, as well the timelines and resources each step would require.

- Secondly, creating animated content is my passion, so I would be completely content spending my free time (~20 hrs a week) working on such projects with minimal compensation. To me, more time spent animating = a more fulfilling life.

- And lastly, I work fast. So, if you were interested in this specific proposal or in developing something similar, I would be able to create quick "tests" (examples of what the content could look like) and tweak those tests until we arrived at a satisfying end product.


Below I have included a brief selection of my work - a sampling of the animation styles and mediums I am capable of working in. If you would like to explore a larger selection of my work, click on the home page at the top of the screen.

YS_80k Vid Sub_Gifs_2_1_10000-0250
YS_80k Vid Sub_Gifs_1_1_10000-0298


I WOULD CREATE: a series of short animated videos to promote the 80,000 Hours Podcast to a wider online audience.

As a regular listener of the 80,000 Hours Podcast, I see great value in promoting the long form podcasts, as they have expanded my understanding of a variety of subjects pertinent to my daily life and career. Most online media channels favour audio-visual content (as opposed to strictly audio), therefore short animated “spots” could promote the podcast more effectively on popular channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on).

These animated spots could run for approx. 1 minute each, serving as a “hook” to interest the prospective viewer into listening to the podcast episode in its entirety. On top of drawing the viewer in, the animated visuals would provide an added level of polish and appeal to the finished product. As I envision it, the videos could mimic the animation/presentation style of YouTube Channels like Kurzgesagt and The School of Life, except use the audio from the podcast itself instead of added narration. If you are not familiar with these Youtube channels, here are two of their videos that I feel exemplify their approach:


I WOULD CREATE: a more general series of animated videos, where each video would explain a specific key concept of Effective Altruism, as well as have the added effect of promoting the movement. These videos could be used both in an online format and in person (to complement an introductory talk for example).

The videos would run for varying durations, depending on the complexity of the concepts discussed. To complete videos with longer durations, I would most likely need to enlist the help of some of my contacts from within the animation industry, resulting in the prospect of the project actually needing a budget. Also, from a technical standpoint, it would be relatively easy to adapt the videos to multiple languages, if that was deemed to be a valuable pursuit.

So, these are the outlines of my project proposals. If Open Philanthropy is in fact interested in pursuing this type of work, I am very much open to developing these proposals and/or assisting in a completely different project altogether. I truly appreciate your time in reviewing these proposals as well as the work your organization does on a regular basis.

All the best,

Yoni Shalom